How to watch movie free on your laptop or smart device

Enjoying movie in your home alone or with friends, family, loved ones is a great theater feeling you can eat anything you want without any hesitation. In the theater you have to pay too much for the snacks. Watching movie or tv shows at your own place will always give you more comfort and enjoyment.

Most of the people ignore tv cable connection because Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and so on gives you more then all cable companies. It provides all the movies, web series, and cartoon series from all over the world with the paid subscription.

But don’t worry we will tell the place where you can get everything free.

Paid Streaming services

The smart device streaming services are Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus, Hotstar, HBO, Itunes, Popcorn flix, Vudu and Amazon prime.

Netflix charge you

$8.99/month Simultaneous streams -1

$12.99/month Simultaneous streams – 2

$15.99/month Simultaneous streams – 4

Hulu charge you $5.99/month

Amazon charge you $99/year, $12.99/month

Disney plus charge you $69.99/year $6.99/ month

HBO subscription $15/month

ITunes is per-movies based

Best Free Streaming Services

You are lucky you don’t have to pay all this you can get every streaming services all free. There are so many other providers who provides all streaming services legally stream movies and web series without any charge.

  • IMDb TV

IMDb TV some free movies for the user everyone from US can watch this streaming channel but from india or any other country cannot use this it is totally free for the user.

  • Plex

Plex is a very good place to watch you can make your all movies library and can watch tons of movies online for free.

  • Kanopy

It is a library of movies which provide many movies in its library. Not from every country can use this but who can use konopy can stream freely online or you can stream movies/webseries in mobile app. It is also a free service provider.

  • Internet Arhive

Internet archive provide lost of movies not only you can stream 16 hours or more but you can also download all movies which you want to watch this is the best streaming area for sci-fi, horror, action movies.


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